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PMP® Certification Exam Prep Class (4 days, 36 hours)

  • Become a Project Management Professional in a few WEEKS!
  • 98% first-time passing rate! YOU CHOOSE Webinar or In-Person Training.
  • NOTHING to do in advance, NO prerequisites for the class.
  • Memorize 6 formulas in 6 minutes!
  • Instructor helps you fill out the PMI® EXAM APPLICATION.

Class is taught by Shirley Hinton, nationally recognized contributor to the PMBOK® - the global project management standard!

ALL NEW CONTENT, including practice questions directly from PMI, as well as Shirley’s secret testing tips and hundreds of questions she created that you won’t find ANYWHERE else!

TeachPath has done the research for you and includes the information that is NOT in the PMBOK but IS on the exam!

Learn the 3 new domains: People, Process, Business Environment, as well as the tasks and enablers for each. Also learn the agile principles that have now been adopted (and the new types of exam questions they are adding).

People – This is great information that everyone needs. It’s all about leadership, conflict resolution, making your team the best it can be.

Process – This is the PMBOK structure: Managing scope, schedule, budget, communication, stakeholders, change, risk, quality, procurement, etc. using traditional PM, or agile, or blending the two.

Business Environment – This has to do with making sure that what you are accomplishing is really adding value to your organization, knowing how to communicate “up,” etc.

Pass the PMP® (Project Management Professional) exam while learning useable strategies for managing your projects.

Instructor: Shirley Hinton. Read more about what makes “The Shirley Hinton Class” so unique here. .

Shirley is based in North Carolina (USA) but travels anywhere to provide onsite corporate training and publicly offered classes.

ITIL®4 Foundations Certification Exam Prep Class

  • Become ITIL®4 Foundations Certified!
  • No experience needed!

This course is designed for anyone working in IT who wants to prove their knowledge and value in the area of IT Service Management, and also for anyone looking to upgrade their ITIL® v3 certification and knowledge.It is a source of pride as well as the foundation for any future ITIL® certifications.

Stay updated in your ITIL® journey! This course prepares you for the ITIL® 4 Foundation exam. Our memorable techniques will help you learn about the four dimensions of IT Service Management, the 5 Core Components of the ITIL® Service Value System (SVS), the 7 Guiding Principles, the Service Value Chain, the 34 practices, how to co-create value in ITSM (Information Technology Service Management), and more.

Get certified and prove that you understand how to add value within your organization. Sign up to take the online exam any time after the class ends. Instructor is available by email before, during, and after the class, and takes a personal interest in making sure attendees understand the material and are well prepared to pass the exam. Exam voucher is INCLUDED.

CAPM® Certification Exam Prep Class (4 days, 36 hours)

  • Become a PMI® Certified Associate in Project Management!
  • No experience needed!

Please sign up for our PMP® course even if you think you only qualify for the CAPM®. You may have more qualifying experience than you think! The instructor will help you decide. And that way, you will not have to take a second course when you want to go for the PMP®. It’s a win-win! (ONSITE classes focused solely on CAPM® can be shortened if needed.)

Scrum Master Certification Exam Prep Class

  • 100% FIRST-TIME Passing rate!
  • No experience needed!

Learn how to develop a more agile approach and create the right balance of control and agility to achieve project success. Gain practical tips on applying Scrum and other frameworks such as Kanban and Scrumban. Earn the globally recognized ScrumStudy Scrum Master Certification (SMC).

Certification exam will be taken during class, or you can opt to take it later. 100% first-time passing rate! NO experience needed! Participants can earn professional development units (PDUs).

PgMP® Certification Exam Prep Class for Program Managers

  • Advance to the next level!
  • Become a PgMP® Certified Program Manager!

Why take the PgMP class? Program managers earn higher salaries because they have proven worth. In the class, you will learn how to communicate with C-level executives, how to successfully achieve a high ROI for your company, and how to better manage the component projects that constitute your programs.

Who should take the PgMP class? The class is open to anyone interested in learning program management principles and best practices, whether or not you are interested in the exam. PMP Certification is NO longer a prerequisite. Learn techniques to hone your skills in managing, in communicating, and in decision making.

Topics: Strategic Program Management, Program Life Cycle, Benefits Management, Stakeholder Management, Program Governance, Performance Analysis, Managing Change, Risk, Variances, Quality, Cost, Time, PMIS, KPIs, Managing Project Managers, the new Project Management components of People, Process, Business Environment, and Agile, the Exam Outline, Practice Scenarios, Memory Tricks, Testing Tips, and much more!

Application: The instructor helps each attendee with their PMI® PgMP® Exam Application.

Materials: Training materials and practice questions are included.

PMI-ACP® Agile Certified Professional
Certification Exam Prep Class

  • Become a PMI-ACP® Agile Certified Professional!
  • Prove that you have what it takes to lead agile projects!

This course prepares you to lead your next Agile (Scrum, Kanban, etc.) project effort while it prepares you to pass the PMI-ACP® certification exam. The course is designed to maximize retention and to apply what you learn. Get certified and prove that you have what it takes to manage all types of projects, no matter how much they change.

PMP® Refresher

For those who have had the TeachPath™ 36-hour class but have gotten delayed in their goals. Prepare for the current PMBOK® 7 exam!


Stay UPDATED on the changes! This is valuable information whether already certified or not! The exam changed drastically on January 2, 2021. Only 50% of the exam is based on the PMBOK® Guide. There are now only 3 Domains, 35 Tasks, and many Enablers within each task. Let us do the research for you. Come learn about all the changes and remain updated in your knowledge! Here the instructor is describing the changes.

Project Management Fundamentals

Everyone can benefit from learning basic project management skills and techniques to save time, money, and stress! Team members learn best practices for staying on schedule, on scope, on budget, communicating effectively with stakeholders, managing change, and much more! Course outline and group activities can be customized according to your needs.

Executive Training (1-4 hours)

Customized to fit your needs, this short, fast-paced course teaches best practices relating to the most common concerns of executive-level managers. Overcoming challenges in communication, delegating, strategic alignment, time-robbers, and much more!


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