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Project title:  Build a doghouse for “Tiny,” my Saint Bernard.
Level 0 is the project level; level 1 is the phase level, etc.

1  Project Management (will overlap all phases of the project)

1.1  Planning (We will assume Initiating and the Project Charter are already done)

1.1.1  Scope Statement

1.1.2  Activity List

1.1.3  Network Diagram with Critical Path

1.1.4  Resource Plan

1.1.5  Time Estimate

1.1.6  Cost Estimate

1.1.7  Risk Analysis with contingencies assigned during Risk Response Planning

1.1.8  Schedule

1.1.9  Budget

1.1.10  Management Plans for all areas

1.1.11  Project Management Plan

1.2 Executing, etc. (This is not meant to be a complete WBS, just a sample to give you the idea.)

2  Design

3  Materials

4  Site Preparation

5  Construction

5.1  Cement Pad

5.2  Framing

5.3  Walls

5.4  Roof

5.5  Plumbing

5.6  Electrical

5.7  Insulation

5.8  Skylight

5.9  Air Conditioner Installation

5.10  Jacuzzi Installation (What do you mean, “She’s only a dog?!”  You obviously don’t know Tiny!)

5.11  Interior finishing (paint, wallpaper, fixtures, etc.)

5.12  Exterior finishing (siding, etc.)

6  Inspection

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