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1. Sam Iam, an executive at the ID-10T company, has written a Project Charter. In handing the document over to his favorite project manager, Sally B. Goode, Sam mentioned that he compared the project against the Project Selection Criteria, reviewed past Project Archives for relevant information, and created the product description to create the Project Charter. What should the project manager do next?

A. Quickly form a project team, assign responsibilities and develop the WBS.

B: Hold a “kick off” meeting at a 5 star hotel, eating green eggs and ham.

C: Return the project charter to the executive as the project was not checked to determine if it fit the corporate goals.

D: Talk to the customer, D. R. Seuss, and then direct it to the change control board.

2. A new, unique product is being introduced by the PDA Company (Polite Drivers of America). The project charter has been signed by the executive sponsor, and the project manager has been appointed and given full authority over the resources needed. The product, designed to send gentle messages to drivers sitting on one’s bumper, must be completed by November 1st, in time for the holiday season. Project manager Mark gathers his team together and creates a detailed schedule working backwards from the November 1st deadline. The project failed miserably. What was the most likely cause of the failure?

A. The cost and time estimates were estimated too low.

B. A product requirement change was verbally agreed to after the schedule was made.

C. No one checked to see if there was an existing patent which held up the project for 3 months.

D. The WBS was not created before the detailed schedule was created.

3. Gayle, project manager for Yunga Gyms, is working on the WBS for upgrading new gym equipment at their oldest store. Efficiency is Gayle’s claim to fame, so to save time, Gayle uses 240-hour work packages to cut down on the number of work packages she has to manage. What is the most likely outcome of her actions?

A. Gayle will win praise from the front office and get a well-deserved raise.

B. Gayle will make more precise time and cost estimates by applying a code of

C. Gayle will limit the amount of time the gym patrons will be inconvenienced while the
     equipment is being exchanged, making for increased customer satisfaction.

D. Gayle will make inaccurate time and cost estimates.

4. You are provided a list of statements on the PMP® exam. The test, 4 hours long, is designed to see if you can stand up after your legs go numb on the hard chairs. Which statement is most likely not true?

A. Code of Accounts is a numbering/labeling system used in the WBS.

B. Work Packages are the lowest level item in the WBS and may be kept under 100

C. As a part of the Process Planning Group, the Work Breakdown Structure is used to
     facilitate clear assignment of responsibility

D. Changes are, in relation to the WBS, work not defined by the scope and not initially
     contained in the WBS.

5. Sam works at The Sham Detail Shop in Detroit. His boss, fondly called “Pharaoh”, tells Sam he has to paint 8 cars at $250 per car, in 4 days. Each car requires ½ day to paint. At the end of 3 days, Sam has 8 cars completed at the cost of $225.00 per car. Find the correct SV, SPI and VAC for the project.

A. – $500, 1.11, – $200

B. + $500, + 1.33, + $200

C. + $500, – 1.33, – $200

D. – $500, behind schedule, + $199

6. Dear PMI® Guru, I am studying for my PMP® Certification through a wonderful teacher at TeachPath™. We are trying to help PM Sally.  She has a problem with a new winged widget. It wiggles whenever the moon wanes. The widget works perfectly when the moon waxes. Does waxing make the moon shine brighter? Which of the following quality control tools should Sally use to brainstorm ideas with her team?

A. A Hysterical-o-gram

B. A fishbone diagram

C. Moon data tables from NASA

D. Pareto’s Law

7. Imma Byrd, the regional manager for Zippy Airlines, has been told by marketing that there are an unusually high number of customer complaints about the earphones that are being offered on international flights. Imma wants to initiate a project to replace the earphones but she must first:

A. Develop a preliminary scope statement to help stakeholders understand her idea

B. Determine which vendors offer a more reliable product, and develop an SOW

C. Identify the business need for the project and the expected ROI

D. Get senior management to sign off on the idea

8. Arnold Shareholder is mad. His request to have Swedish included in the new foreign-language Barbie’s voice chip has been denied because the product scope has already been finalized. Arnold complains that he was not clear about the procedure for requesting changes.  How and where should Arnold have been notified?

A. Verbally, in the project kick-off meeting

B. In writing, in the PBS

C. In writing, in the Scope Statement

D. In writing, in the Project Management Plan

9. You have been hired as a project manager for bridge construction project, but you were brought in late. By the time you arrived, the preliminary scope statement had already been completed.  Now, two months into the project, a mechanical problem with the heavy equipment is threatening to push the critical path two weeks past the due date. You have to find a solution. The sponsor has made it known that while extra cost is not a problem, increased risk is not acceptable. What is your best option?

A. Compress the critical path by fast-tracking

B. Reduce risk by pushing the final deadline back

C. Perform resource leveling to ensure even distribution of work

D. Compress the schedule by crashing      

10. Part of your project involves allocating feed supplies for livestock. Your estimates range from 5,000 lbs of grain on the low side to 10,000 lbs. on the high side, with the most likely scenario being 7,500 lbs. Your stakeholders want an estimate that is accurate to two standard deviations. What do you give them?

A. 5,834 – 9166 lbs

B. 5,000 – 10,000 lbs

C. 1,666 – 8,333 lbs

D. Exactly 7,500 lbs


1. C –  The executive failed to determine the project was in line with the goals of the corporation and therefore the project manager should return the charter for a second review against corporate goals.

2. D -The WBS, critical to project success, is the best answer. The other 3 answers may be true, but the WBS must come first.

3. D

4. B

5. B

6. B

7. C

8. D

9. D

10. A

Our thanks to Lou Mastro and Jeff McEntire for writing many of these questions. We only wish the ones on the exam would make you smile like some of these.  Oh well, you will be smiling when you pass!

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