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Fun activity

Here’s something you can do for fun… get others involved in giving input, even if remotely, and then enjoy reading the story with their input filled into the blanks.

Create the following list BEFORE you read the story below, then insert the words into the story.  (Hint: The more creative the list, the more fun the story will be.)

Example:  verb: Sky-diving; noun: porcupine) (Story:  While I was (verb) with my (noun),…   Get the idea?

Create the following list, then put the words into the story below the list (no peeking ahead of time)

Adjective, Location, Adjective, Adjective, Adjective, Adverb, Verb, Number, Noun, Adjective, Noun, Liquid, Liquid, Adj, Adj, Verb ending in  -ing, Adjective, Verb.


Now fit those words in order into the following story:

So this (adjective) virus that came from (location) is making everyone practice ( adjective) distancing.  It’s no fun and is making everyone a little (adjective).  Of course some people were already a bit (adjective).   We all have to stay indoors where there is nothing to do except ( adverb, verb).  We can go outside to buy groceries, but then the lines seem to be ( number) miles long, and there is a shortage of necessities such as ( noun) and ( adjective, noun). The only things left to drink are (liquid) and (liquid).  Children at home definitely adds to the (adjective) life.  Kids are so (adjective) to be home from school instead of ( verb ending in -ing) with their friends.  Hopefully it will all pass quickly and we can all get back to our ( adjective) lives.  Until then, hope you ( verb) long and prosper.


Now that you have the idea of the game, here’s one that applies to project management…

List the following (Hint: numbers can be large or small, positive or negative, whole numbers or fractions):

(number), (number), (number), (number), (name of movie star), (number), (adjective), (noun), (verb ending in —ing), (noun), (date, including year), (adjective ending in —ly), (name of movie star), (adjective), (sport), (game), (animal), (verb ending in —ed), (location), (city), (mode of transportation), (adjective), (number), (number), (number)

Now put them in the following story:



After being a project manager for (number) years, I was assigned a (number)-dollar, (number)-month project, and given (number) resources with which to complete it.

My project sponsor, who always reminded me a bit of (name of movie star), had signed the charter, and I spent (number) hours in planning before moving on to executing.

The goal was to create a new (adjective, noun) by (verb ending in -ing) a (noun).  Product launch had to occur by (date, including year).  Everything was going (adjective ending in -ly) until (name of movie star) was added to my project team.  Then things started going (adjective).  First, we did a team-building exercise consisting of (sport) and then (game).  The new team member jumped on a (animal) and (verb ending in -ed) down the (location), not stopping until they reached (city).  Then the rest of the team jumped in a (mode of transportation) to follow them.  Finally they all went back to the (adjective) office and started getting to work.  The project got finished only (number) days late and (number) dollars over budget.  We had lessons learned (number) pages long.

Which is why I now need to get PMP® certified!


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Fun activity
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